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Colorful Cacti of the American Deserts (1974)

by Edgar & Brian Lamb

A book with a title like this was bound to appeal to a lifelong desert dweller like me but what appealed to me even more was the title of Chapter 3. My stated plan has been to give a name to every cactus on my acreage. I was going to register ... but then I'd have to pay for another domain name and hosting. I don't like paying. Paying = bleah. Well, maybe I'll do it anyway. But anyway. A chapter entitled "HOW DO I NAME MY CACTI?" could not fail to get me to pay the thirty-five cents they were asking in the thrift store for this book. Except I didn't pay (paying = bleah) -- I had no money so I had to borrow. And I didn't see the chapter until I got the book home. But I *would* have ... oh, never mind.
Anyway, watch to look at a bunch of cactus with names. Sooner or later. Exciting.